Our Story

Conceived by Zain Zakaria, Zakarya is a clothing company that was created because Zain wanted to bring the designer look within the reach of the common man. In Zain’s opinion, every man deserves to look his best, whether he’s enjoying a little leisure time or working hard in the office.

With off-the-rack clothing, regardless of their brand or quality, it never really gives you the feel or comfort that a man is looking for. Moreover, going out to look for a shirt that suits you is perhaps the most difficult task for any man. If it is not a lack of time that hampers you, then it is the cost of customized tailoring or the brand name itself.

In addition, ready-made menswear is designed to fit an ideal body type. With that being said, most men do not have this idea body type and as a result, the look, the feel, and the fit of ready-made shirts will never be precisely what men of impeccable taste want to wear.  It lacks the finesse and comfort that one can attain by having their menswear custom made and tailored to their specific requirements.

Bearing this in mind, and knowing that all designer tailoring is done the same way, Zain has decided to introduce you to Zakarya, an online business where you can find all your needs for custom tailored shirts. Zakarya is designed to give you full creative control over the kind of look that you want to portray, for only a fraction of the cost of other custom clothing companies.

Zakarya allows you to select the textures and the colors that seem most flattering to you. So delve into the world of fine fabrics and creative control and let us drape you with the look that you envision so we can make you feel styled to perfection.